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So proud to be a part of this team …(Part 5)

Awards not only on the day, but in the weeks to come as well….

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Well that’s it for 2016-17, but it’s all started again as the first trial of the new season took place on Tuesday, 4th July at Camborne’s Cornwall College!

Although it is now nearly three months since the lads from little old Cornwall went on their history making trip to the final of the FA County Youth Cup, for the players, staff, parents and the privileged few, such as myself, who went on the trip to Barnet, it’s going to be a very vivid memory for many a year to come.

Only winning the competition will ever beat the journey, that actually started in July 2016 when the first open trial took place down at Cornwall College in Camborne.

On the day of the final, having just been defeated, the coaching staff made sure that as usual, the team huddle took place out on the pitch. Difficult on this occasion with the rare feeling of defeat clouding the event, but it had to be done and team manager Glynn Hooper had to ensure that despite losing, that the players would realise what an absolute amazing feat they

had achieved.

It was a busy banquet area for the players to eat their post-match meal which finished with them asking CCFA representative Ian Anear to present some end of season awards. With most of us assuming they were for the players, I think we were all surprised when in fact it turned out that with the help of their parents, the lads had got together and got all the coaching staff, Richard Pallot (the CCFA Governance Manager) as well as surprise surprise - the guys like myself, CORNISH SOCCER’s photographer and Piran Films ‘behind the goal camera person’ Caroline Hargreaves, Mark Huckle (Piran Films) and Steve Massey, who not only summaried for us at the games, but also carried out invaluable spying missions on the opposition.

So, to the trip home. Initially quiet, the coach soon warmed up a little, especially when we stopped and some of the lads brought on some refreshments and before we got home, with a good proportion of the squad available for another 12 months, next season was already being discussed.

Embarking at Truro, there was the customary gear left onboard! In fact it was a bag of boots which was a little concerning as initially, despite being mentioned via social media, no one claimed them.

That was until the next morning when the mist cleared slightly for one of the players!

It’s customary for players who have played the required number of county games to be awarded with a County Cap after a match, however with it not being convenient to do so after the final, the CCFA decided to acknowledge the County Youth side’s achievements by arranging a game between the Under-18s and a full Senior representative match.

The evening also enabled the county to present outgoing skipper Charlie Hambly with a special award for making 20 appearances between March 2014 and April 2017