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After a good night’s sleep, we’re up and ready to take on the world! Well, apart from for some very strange reason our room had no hot water in the morning. The hotel staff (probably because Caroline, in a dressing gown, threatened to stay in the reception area until the problem was resolved) soon remedied the problem by finding another room for us to use. Even though we had to walk down the corridor to the very last room on our floor.

It was an “Executive Suite Room” which made even our more than spacious standard room look like a 2 man tent. Unlike our shower over the bath, this one had a bath and a separate shower cubicle!

Onto breakfast and when away I always tend to have the cooked version as a treat, not so our ex-pro! Steve Massey went for the porridge, into which he then tipped two poached eggs! Could this be why he still looks so svelte and slim line?

Also having breakfast around us were players of Oxford United, who were staying at the hotel in preparation for their EFL Trophy final on the Sunday at Wembley.

I’m sure Cornwall’s Team Manager Glynn Hooper doesn’t feel like their gaffer Michael Appleton who after losing to Coventry City the day after our defeat confessed he will never watch the video of their game!

All of us staying at the hotel were checked out and on the coach for a 9.45am departure. We had been given strict instructions by the County FA Vice-Chairman David Bray to be prompt as I think he was fearing another narrow bridge conundrum similar to the previous afternoon!

This time though it was a quick zip down the main road and within minutes we were once again waiting at the Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre entrance. Waiting was was necessary as we needed another car to come the other way towards us so that both the pair of split-barriers would go up and allow the coach through without hitting one, like we did when leaving there the day before (ouch)!

The players were still gathering together for Glynn to give them a few words before leaving for the Barnet FC Stadium.

I have to say that being Cornish through and through, what he said left me with a lump in my throat!

“Little old Cornwall, but a massive heart” was mentioned and of course the fact that we were about to witness a “unique part of Cornish football history”.

He finished off by saying “Do the county proud, do yourselves proud. I believe you can!”

Before having to go through the barriers for one last time, there was a chance for photographs of the lads with the Abbey buildings in the background, as a squad and also with the coaching staff.

One for the photograph album or scrapbook!

As you can see though, the lads needed a little bit of organising for it!

So proud to be a part of this team …(Part 2)

Onto Barnet, but not before breakfast, Bisham and barriers ….

Next ……………..Next ……………..

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